Degree Show News

The stories behind the work on show at the Annual Degree Show.

  1. 21, June, 2016 Love of books inspires Inverness art student

    Chloe Wilson Degree Show 2016

    An Inverness art student has used her love of books to inspire a collection of sculptural works, which is now on display in Aberdeen.  

  2. 21, June, 2016 Potato sows seed of inspiration for design student

    Beatrice Charnley Degree Show 2016

    A design student at Gray’s School of Art is looking to highlight the importance of the potato as a food crop around the world through her final year project.  

  3. 21, June, 2016 Human capacity for atrocity explored by painting student

    Eve Montgomerie Degree Show 2016

    A painting student at Gray’s School of Art has explored the human capacity for atrocity through her work, which is now on display in Aberdeen.  

  4. 21, June, 2016 Design student aims to raise awareness of dementia with final year project

    Ashleigh Falconer Degree Show 2016

    A student at Gray’s School of Art has used her final year project to raise awareness of dementia.  

  5. 20, June, 2016 Nordic folklore inspires Kemnay art student

    Ane Smith Degree Show 2016

    A Kemnay art student has taken inspiration from her Nordic heritage to create work centred on folklore and fairytale as part of her final year project, which is now on display in Aberdeen.  

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