Details of costs that a student is required or likely to incur in the Architecture course during their studies.

  • Technical drawing equipment / board / specialist paper
    All first year BSc students entering the School are provided with an A1 drawingboard, desk chair and cabinet.
  • Modelling materials
    The School provides the necessary model making equipment in the form of hand tools, workbenches and supervised workshops. Students are expected to pay for the model making material used in the construction of the models.
  • Extensive or specialist printing
    The School provides small and Large-format plotting and BW and Colour printing, students have to pay for the printing.
  • Software access
    The majority of software that students are expected to use is available at no cost on student licenses. Where this is not possible, the software is available on the University networked computers.
  • Students will be expected to pay for their own field trips, travel and other course expenses. Generally every effort will be made to make this as efficient as possible.
  • General Equipment
    • Laptop computers – advice on required specification can be given by computing staff.
    • Calculator
    • General stationery
    • Text books (assumed to be available in the library) although many students will purchase their own copies. Book costs vary but an estimate £75 per year for some students is not unreasonable.

Architecture is a creative discipline and many students choose to spend more on materials than might be regarded as an absolute essential to pass the degree. The amount spent can vary significantly between students. Students in the past have told us that they may have incurred costs similar to those shown below. This is provided for your information only as an estimate of likely additional costs.

General start-up materials/ costs for Stage 1 - £85.55 (priced at the University Art Materials Shop)

  • Masking tape
  • A3 Layout pad
  • Scale Ruler (1.20, 1.50, 1.100, 1.1250) adjustable set square 10’’
  • A3 landscape sketchbook
  • Portfolio case
  • Scalpel handle (retractable)
  • 10a blades
  • 0.5 Propelling Pencil
  • Lungraph Pencils Set
  • HB leads
  • Pencil and Ink erasers
  • Compass with Pen attachment
  • 300mm steel rule Circle Template A2 Plastic wallet
  • Drawing pens 0.25mm, 0.35mm, 0.5mm
  • Tervakowski paper

Additional estimated costs per Stage

  Plotting Site Visits* Materials Study Tour (optional)**
Stage 1 £70 £100 £100 £200
Stage 2 £70 £100 £60 £250
Stage 3 £100 £100 £100 £250
Stage 5 £70 £100 £60 £250
Stage 6 £150 £100 £150 £250

*many sites are local to the school so this will be dependent on location.

**some study tours are abroad, and there may be VISA costs for non?EU students