Architecture, Construction & Surveying Placements: Students

The aim of the industrial placement is to provide you with the opportunity to consolidate and broaden the knowledge you have gained in your studies. The working environment allows you to apply your academic knowledge and skills to a real world situation.

Lecturer showing students building plans

You will gain a commercial perspective of your area of study and this puts you in a strong position when it comes to finding work. Many of our students build strong relationships with the companies they work with during their placement and often return to work with them following graduation. It's a great opportunity to gain contacts and experience which will help set you apart and build a strong career.

Placement Opportunities

The following courses offer placements that last 34 weeks during year 3

The Placement Office

The Placement Office organises relevant opportunities for students who must undertake a placement as part of the academic requirements of their course. They help you find a company that matches your interests, provide support and guide you through the process.

  • Northern Star Business Awards

    Northern Star Business Awards

    Have you had an award winning placement experience? Nominate your placement provider for the Northern Star Business Award.

“My placement has given me a huge sense of achievement and has cemented my decision that this is the career path I wish to take.”

Alison Alexander Architectural Technology BSc (Hons)

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