Donations helped our architecture students with an exhibition to promote their work to an international audience in London.

57 10 Architecture Society Teaser57°10 – The Society built on strong foundations

As far as our student societies go at RGU, the 57°10 Architecture Society is one of the most well-known and established, which continues to go from strength-to-strength.

57°10 is a student-run society, which is run on a volunteer basis by master students and for the last year Ross Robinson and Ross Cowie have been at the helm.

The society has been running for over 28 years and one of the keys to its ongoing success is its close-knit relationship with our alumni and their continued support both in financial aid and mentoring.

One of the main goals of the society is to invite guest lecturers to the School to talk about the ideas and projects explored by their practices.

To do this successfully, they rely on fundraising and support and have previously been awarded funding through the RGU Foundation, which has helped them bring some of the biggest names in the sector – such as Andreas Deplazes, Snøhetta and Zaha Hadid – to our campus.

This year, the society decided it was time to try something new and head to the UK capital – where there is the largest concentration of the major players in architecture in the country - to host an exhibition of work by various stage students.

However, a hurdle they had to overcome was in the financing of the exhibition.

After speaking with the founding members of the society, David Anderson and Willie Watt, and Head of School, David McClean, the team at 57°10 decided to set up a crowdfunding campaign and utilise the very strong network of alumni and other supporters to raise the funds need.

Needless to say, the call-to-action worked and the exhibition, which was curated and run by six volunteer master students in their graduating year of studies, was a huge success, setting the bar high for the new leadership team at 57°10 who will take over in September. 

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