The Volunteer Patient Programme plays an important role in the education and training of RGU’s health and social care students.

Volunteer Patient ProgrammeVolunteers provide an essential and realistic learning opportunity where students can gain confidence and competence in the safe environment of the Clinical Skills Centre. 

We asked one of our Volunteer Patients, Gemma, to tell us a little about her time as part of the programme:

“I’ve been involved in the Volunteer Patient sessions for just over a year now and I hope to get more involved as time goes on.

“I got involved because I had been attending a support group for postnatal depression and was asked if I’d be interested in coming along to speak to some of the nursing students about my experiences.

“I thought at the time it would be a good idea to speak about my illness and give something back, so that the students would have a better understanding of the symptoms and how the patients themselves feel, to better prepare them for when they are qualified.

“One thing led to another and I started coming in as a Volunteer Patient.

“I also have my own personal experience of these sessions, because I am a qualified physiotherapist and did some Postgraduate study here at RGU. I thoroughly enjoyed being a student here, so thought it would be fun and interesting to be on the other side and see what’s expected of you.

“It has been really good fun. I’ve been involved with radiography and nursing students, but it’s mainly been with the physiotherapy students. I have really enjoyed that, because they don’t always know that I myself am a qualified physio, so I get to examine their skills from a different perspective.

“As I said, I’ve only been involved for just over a year, but it’s felt so rewarding being here and being a part of educating the students in the best possible way. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

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