Head of School

  • David McClean

    David McClean has been Head of The Scott Sutherland School since 2006 and completed his PhD in 2009 on the subject of Architecture Education. He was appointed Professor in October 2013.  

  • Academic Staff

  • Arwa Al Jumaily

    Arwa is lecturer in Architectural Technology.  

  • Nancy Anderson

    Nancy Anderson

    Nancy is a Part Time Application Supervisor.  

  • Silvia Bassanese

    Silvia is a Lecturer in Architecture.  

  • Amar Bennadji

    Amar Bennadji

    Amar is a Lecturer whose research interests include energy conservation, retrofitting, CAD and virtual reality.  

  • Bassam Bjeirmi

    Bassam Bjeirmi profile

    Bassam is Academic Strategic Lead of the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment. He has an extensive experience in the development and delivery of training programs for the private and public sectors. His main subject area is construction and generic project management.  

  • Gökay Deveci

    Deveci, Gokay

    Gokay Deveci is Professor of Architecture at the Scott Sutherland School and has an international reputation for his expertise in affordable and sustainable low energy housing.  

  • Michael Dignan

    Michael Dignan

    Michael is a Chartered Building Surveyor and Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Surveying  

  • Theodoros Dounas

    Theo Dounas

    Theo is Learning Excellence Leader for the School and lectures in Architecture and Architectural Technology modules.  

  • Mike Grattidge

    Mike is Architecture Professional Studies Adviser for Part 3 students.  

  • Naeimeh Jafarifar

    Naeimeh Jafarifar

    Naeimeh is a Lecturer in Structural Design and teaches across all courses and stages in the School.  

  • Tahar Kouider

    Tahar Kouider

    Tahar is Academic Strategic Lead for all Undergraduate courses; Architecture, Architectural Technology, Construction Management and Surveying and Senior Lecturer in Architectural Technology.  

  • Richard Laing

    Richard Laing Profile 2

    Richard Laing, Professor of Built Environment Visualisation at the Scott Sutherland School, has research interests in built environment visualisation, conservation, sustainable urban design & building information modelling.  

  • Neil Lamb

    Neil is Subject leader in Architecture and Part 2 Architecture Course Leader.  

  • David McClean

    David McClean has been Head of The Scott Sutherland School since 2006 and completed his PhD in 2009 on the subject of Architecture Education. He was appointed Professor in October 2013.  

  • Norman McLennan

    Norman McLennan

    Norman McLennan is a Visiting Professor who provides ad hoc lecturing support to postgraduate courses and has helped shape the MSc Commercial Practice for the Energy Sectors course.  

  • Huda Salman

    Image Unavailable

    Huda is a full time Lecturer in Architectural Technology and acts as School Research Degree Coordinator. Her research interests are mainly focused on the impact of Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) and Information Technology (IT) on the conceptual phase of design, visual thinking and decision making.  

  • Jonathan Scott

    Jonathan is Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology.  

  • Gary Smollet

    Image Unavailable

    Gary is a Part Time Applications Supervisor.  

  • Michele Victoria

    Michele is a Lecturer in Quantity Surveying at the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment. Her research interests include cost management, carbon management and social media in construction.  

  • David Vila Domini

    David-Vila Domini

    David is a Part 1 Course Leader in Architecture whose research interests include the history & theory of architecture, contemporary Spanish architecture and 20th century parliamentary architecture.  

  • Alan Watson

    Alan Watson

    Alan is a Lecturer for Built Environment courses, specialising in technology and management subjects. He is also the Stage Manager for Stage 1 Built Environment students.  

  • David Wilson

    Image Unavailable

    David Wilson is a registered and chartered Architect who is involved in teaching construction and design across all professional disciplines within the School.  

  • Craig Wilson

    Craig Wilson

    Craig is a lecturer with the Building Surveying team. Teaching interests: Heritage management and building conservation. History of Architecture. Building Pathology. Materials and Finishes. Design.  

  • Gillian Wishart

    Gillian is a Part Time Architecture Lecturer.  

  • Quazi Mohd Mahtab-uz Zaman

    Quazi Zaman Profile Image

    Dr Zaman is a Lecturer in Urban Design at the Scott Sutherland School, researching urbanism in Scottish and Asian cities. He also conducts the ‘place making with children and the community’ research project.  

  • Professional and Support Staff

  • Helen Aggasild

    Helen Aggasild

    Helen is the School Secretary and PA to Head of School.  

  • Christine Black

    Christine Black

    Christine is the Administrator for Postgraduate students, Graduate Apprenticeship students and Architecture part 1 students.  

  • Fergus Denoon

    Image Unavailable

    Fergus is the Technical Services Officer with responsibility for the Print Room.  

  • David Drage

    Image Unavailable

    David is the Technical Services Officer with responsibility for the Workshop.  

  • Ronnie Fyfe

    Image Unavailable

    Ronnie is a Technical Services Officer with responsibility for the Workshop  

  • Lesley Robertson

    Lesley is the School's Distance Learning Coordinator and Content Designer.  

  • Lesley Smith

    Image Unavailable

    Lesley is the School Administration Manager  

  • Caroline Tierney

    Caroline Tierney

    Caroline is the Administrator for Built Environment students.