Our practice learning experience offers a variety of placements in locations throughout the United Kingdom and in some cases abroad. This is essential for producing nursing and midwifery graduates (pre and post registration) who are fit for purpose in rapidly changing international health care environments.

These webpages aim to provide both supporting staff and students with up-to-date information.

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Resources on CampusMoodle for Mentors & Practice Teachers

Annual Update

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Guidance for mentors in module NU2563 (PDF 307KB)

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This page contains a variety of forms which may be useful to both the student, mentor and practice teacher.

PLEASE NOTE - The content of this page is currently under review.  If you have any queries about the documentation on this page please email NursingandMidwifery@rgu.ac.uk (December 2018)


This is a list of the core information for all mentors and should be saved on the desktop of your PC.   

FAQ about Clinical Skills for Student Nurses or Midwives (PDF 138KB)

Additional Skills for Adult Pre-registration Nursing Students November 2017 (PDF 134KB)

Further forms can be accessed by the Practice Education Staff and all Mentors in the Annual Update and Resource Area for Mentors and Practice Teachers in CampusMoodle. (Opens in new window)