The school has developed a focused and innovative portfolio of courses to support the rising demand for professional nursing education overseas by offering a flexible approach to both learning and teaching.

Our distance and blended learning courses enable our students to study at a time and pace that suits their work commitments and home life. Learning occurs both individually and within a group environment, featuring formal and informal discussion forums facilitated through our virtual learning environment, CampusMoodle. Consultant practitioners, clinicians and guests also contribute to the learning experience.

International students who are currently enrolled in the school are situated across the globe in parts of USA, Malawi, Nigeria, Qatar, Finland, Holland, Spain and other locations in the EU. The learning platforms provided for distance and online learning is not only used by international students, but is also popular with local practising nurses and midwives who undertake these courses.

Also, the school is involved in international collaboration with the institutions marked on the map below. 

International Collaboration Map


The following courses are offered by the school for international distance learning.

MSc Advancing Nursing Practice

This contemporary course is designed to provide aspiring healthcare professionals with a comprehensive programme of preparation that develops an advanced level of practice. The non RCN route can be undertaken by international students.

Erasmus European Exchange

The school has established exchange links with the nine European countries shown on the map below.


Student Exchange

The School of Nursing & Midwifery supports twenty-eight third year undergraduate nursing students (to and from one of our European Partners) to experience professional clinical learning for a study period of three months. Incoming nursing students will undertake the Professional Nursing Practice for International Students and be eligible for 20 ECTS credits upon successful completion.  

Staff Exchange

Eight members of teaching staff (to and from one of our European Link Partners) are also supported to undertake an exchange experience of five days (Inclusive of travel). Teaching staff from our school incorporate clinical audit, teaching and student support activities during their visits to our European Partners. Non-academic staff are also encouraged to participate in an exchange opportunity to undertake a training experience of five days (Inclusive of travel).

Recent visit to Finland

European Network for Nursing in Higher Education (ENNE)

The school is a member of the ENNE network, which actively promotes the development of a dynamic European University and supports European Exchanges for students and staff via the Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme.

The work of ENNE (opens in new window) primarily involves student-centred education (e.g. Problem-Based Learning), bachelor degree in nurse education and interdisciplinary & multicultural approaches in nurse education.

Key activities of ENNE include:

  1. An annual intensive program of learning for students that focuses on nursing in a multicultural society
  2. Student and teacher exchanges
  3. Projects such as: nursing in a multicultural society (intensive programs) , developing and sharing interchangeable modules in nursing,  sharing the expertise in PBL (e.g. conferences, educating teachers on PBL), and developing European Nursing Education in general (curriculum development, new teaching and learning approaches)

The school has established links with the countries shown on the map below.  For further information, please contact Jean Cowie.


ENNE map (opens in new window)

European Federation of Nurse Educators (FINE)

Through the exchange and sharing of best practices, we encourage stronger curricula and educational methodologies at an international level.

As members of the FINE Association (Opens in new window) we understand a society's cultural and historical identity whilst promoting quality assurance and professionalism in nursing education. The objectives of the FINE Association are:

  1. To foster understanding and respect for cultural and historical identity whilst promoting optimal solutions to similar problems
  2. To promote quality assurance and professionalism in nursing education
  3. To compare curricula, study programmes and educational methodology, and to compare and debate educational structures, levels and teacher education, in order to harmonise and improve curricula and study programmes
  4. To promote international exchange and cooperation
  5. To inform and to influence external groups and organisations in education and health care on national and international levels
  6. To influence policy on national and international level in the European Union

For further information please contact Jean Cowie.

Grampian-Houston Association (GHA) Exchange

The Grampian-Houston Association (GHA) is a group of individuals who aim to foster links with Houston, Texas, along with their sister group, Houston-Grampian Association (HGA).

Since 1995 students from Robert Gordon University's School of Nursing & Midwifery have had the opportunity to participate in a two-week exchange programme with Houston Baptist University (Opens in new window) and experience the Texas Medical Center, supported by the GHA and HGA.

The exchange programme is embedded within the International Health Care optional module (Stage 3), which compares health and nursing between Scotland and a location of choice (in this case, Texas). The selection process, which takes place annually in January/February, involves a face to face interview with members of the GHA Board.

For further information please contact Jackie Leith.

Developing International Partnerships

The School has a long established history of working with education providers and universities across Europe. In addition, we have a variety of established and developing partnerships from an international perspective, including: (Links open in new window)

The School is committed to further developing and enhancing its portfolio of international partnerships and collaborations.