Oil and Gas Centre Courses are delivered in classrooms, online or by using a combination of both methods tailored to the requirements of corporate clients.

Full-Time Delivery

Full-Time Delivery

Classroom delivery for full-time students normally begins in September. Modules run over two consecutive semesters usually four modules per semester. Each module normally comprises up to 40 hours of lectures and tutorials which are delivered over a 5 day week. Considerable additional directed and private study is expected following each module. All four Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma/MSc courses are available by classroom delivery.

Modules are delivered over two semesters at the Oil and Gas Centre or other RGU premises starting in September. Directed study, course assignments and tutorials  supplement the eight taught modules. Assessment is carried out by a combination of coursework and examinations. Full-time students would normally complete an MSc project between May and October immediately following completion of the eight taught modules.

What will I need to study on the course?

The Oil and Gas Centre will provide course notes either electronically or paper-based, as appropriate. You should be prepared to bring note paper to each module to take your own notes. You can use the IT facilities provided by the University but some students prefer to use their own PC or laptop.

Where are the students from?

Students come to do these courses from all over the world, including the Middle East, Asia, Africa, UK and Europe.

Online Delivery

Online Delivery - (eLearning)

Online study through RGU Campusmoodle is supported by a rich learning environment involving academic staff and industry experts. The Oil and Gas Centre employs a specialist eLearning team to liaise with subject experts to develop innovative and engaging learning material. The sharing of experience and opinions of cohort members means that learning takes place in a stimulating environment. All students are encouraged to participate, share views and experiences. Course content is identical to the classroom based courses with materials and sources of guided study being available online. Students can participate in tutorials through online discussion groups. Examinations can generally be arranged to be taken in any particular student's country of residence. The course should be completed within five years of registration.

What does the Online Course look like?

The RGU Campusmoodle virtual Learning environment is used for online learning. Facilities provided include discussion forums for online meetings and conferences, online chat and study resources.

The Learning Environment

The style of the online teaching materials consists of two main components:

Firstly, the main course topics are delivered by educational online reading material. This is supported by additional suggested reading.

Secondly, and importantly, the focus of the subject matter will be enhanced by students undertaking 'activities' examining appropriate websites or undertaking tasks related to websites. It is expected that students will spend a significant portion of their study time on these activities, thus gaining familiarity and confidence. As an online learner, you will be part of a 'virtual cohort', and communication and interaction inside this group is also a significant aspect of the learning process. In a collaborative learning environment however, you are required to become an independent open learner and take responsibility for when, where and how learning takes place.

IT Requirements

Computer Requirements for Distance Learning (PDF 216KB)