Head of School

  • John McCall

    John McCall

    John is the Director of the IDEAS Research Institute.  

  • Professors

  • Susan Craw

    Susan Craw H&S

    Susan is a Research Professor in Case-Based Reasoning, Data/Text Mining, Knowledge Discovery  

  • Patrik Holt

    Patrik Holt

    Research Professor in the School of Computing at Robert Gordon University, and Director of the Computational Systems Joint Research Initiative.  

  • Senior Lecturers

  • Ines Arana

    Ines Arana

    InĂ©s is interested in the development and application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to complex problems.  

  • Roger McDermott

    Roger McDermott

    Undergraduate Programme Leader,Teaching Fellow  

  • Mark Zarb

    Mark Zarb

    Senior Lecturer, Course leader for BSc Digital Media and BSc Graphics and Animation, Erasmus Co-ordinator  

  • Reader

  • Andrei Petrovski

    Andrei Petrovski

    Andrei's primary research interests lie in the field of Computational Intelligence (CI) - particularly, in the application of CI heuristics.  

  • Nirmalie Wiratunga

    Nirmalie Wiratunga

    Professor in Computing. Her research interests are in knowledge discovery from data and text and Case-based Reasoning (CBR) Systems  

  • Teaching Fellows

  • Audrey Fryer

    Audrey Fryer


  • Lecturers

  • Hatem Ahriz

    Hatem Ahriz

    Research interests are in using Artificial Intelligence techniques to solve real-life combinatorial and optimisation problems.  

  • Mhd Omar Al Kadri

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  • William Ballew

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  • Mark Bartlett

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  • David Corsar

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  • Jean-Claude Golovine

    Jean-Claude Golovine


  • Ian Harris

    Ian Harris

    Lecturer, Course Leader for BSc Cyber Security and BSc Computer Network Management and Design  

  • Michael Heron

    Michael Heron

    Dr Heron is a lecturer in the School of Computing and Digital Media. He also developed an interface for the SocialSensor project's Scottish independence Twitter monitoring tool.  

  • Kit-ying Hui

    Kit-Ying Hui


  • Yang Jiang

    Yang Jiang


  • David Lonie

    Lonie, Dr David

    Research interests include Computational and Mathematical Financial Modelling, Applications of Information Geometry in Computing, Finance and Physical Sciences, Mathematical General Relativity, and Geometrisation of Dynamical Systems.  

  • Robert Lothian

    Robert Lothian

    Research interest focuses on Textual Case-based Reasoning and related areas.  

  • Jay Lytwynenko

    Jay Lytwynenko


  • Christopher McDermott

    Chris McDermott


  • Jamie McDonald

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  • Carlos Moreno Garcia

    Carlos Morena Garcia


  • Yann Savoye

    Yann Savoye