Head of School

  • Libby Curtis

    Libby Curtis

    Libby Curtis is the Dean of Gray's School of Art.  

  • Academic Staff

  • Michael Agnew

    Michael Agnew

    Subject leader in printmaking whose research investigates extremes of reality/fantasy in relation to Scottish literature & history, autobiography, apocrypha and place.  

  • Colin Bell

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    Fashion design, Pattern drafting, Product developing, Garment manufacture, Creative pattern cutting, Studio practice.  

  • Jonathan Blackwood

    Curator, Lecturer, Writer. Scottish Balkanist. Interested in performance, sound, cultural ecology, radical politics, peripherality.  

  • Cameron Campbell

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    Lecturer in Critical and Contextual Studies at Gray's School of Art and School Erasmus+ and International co-ordinator  

  • Salmena Carvalho

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    Fashion & Textile Design; Pattern Drafting & Garment Construction; Product Design; Visual Communication; Fashion Show Co-ordination.  

  • Peter Chalmers

    Lecturer in Painting and Drawing  

  • Jen Clarke

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    Lecturer in Critical and Contextual Studies  

  • Cameron Craddock

    Cameron Craddock

    Senior lecturer & programme leader in Communication Design  

  • Anne Douglas

    Anne Douglas

    Emeritus professor leading research into the role of the artist in public life through On the Edge research.  

  • Michael Eason

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    Subject Leader - BA Commercial Photography  

  • Chris Fremantle

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    Research focus participation, collaboration and interdisciplinarity. Producer on arts & health projects. Established ecoartscotland.net in 2010.  

  • Lyndsey Gilmour

    Lyndsey Gilmour

    Lecturer, Painting Department and Early Career Researcher  

  • Charlie Hackett

    Charles Hackett

    Lecturer at Gray's School of Art, leads research into public health and marginalised groups while collaborating with specialists outside the arts arena.  

  • Jim Hamlyn

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    Stage 2 Coordinator for the Contemporary Art Practice BA (Hons) course  

  • Iain Morrison

    Iain Morrison

    Stage 1 Coordinator for the Communication Design course with 20 years’ experience at RGU.  

  • Annette Murray

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    Subject leader in graphic design and stage 4 co-ordinator for communication design.  

  • Jon Pengelly

    Jon Pengelly

    Lecturer in product design, joint subject leader for the Master's MDEs MFA course  

  • Cameron Ross

    Cameron Ross

    Applications supervisor in fine art printmaking  

  • Marie Simpson

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    Lecturer in communication design with specific interest in illustration  

  • Leonard Smith

    Leonard Smith

    Leonard’s creative practice combines digital technologies and traditional skills to explore new models for making and production.  

  • Josie Steed

    Josie Steed

    With extensive experience in the fashion and textile industry, her interests lie in traditional methods of craft making and Smart Textiles.  

  • Nicola Watson

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    Lecturer in Communication Design  

  • Judith Winter

    Judith Winter

    Lecturer, Critical & Contextual Studies  

  • Professional and Support Staff

  • Angie Aitchison

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    Clerical assistant  

  • Anne Campbell

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    Artist & photographer specializing in analogue processes.  

  • Aline Ithurbide

    Art Materials Shop Manager  

  • Callum Kellie

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    Technical Services Officer  

  • Gosia Lewandowska

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    Administration Assistant (part-time)  

  • Catherine Mackay

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    Administrative Assistant - Finance  

  • Elaine Macpherson

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    PA to Head of School / School Secretary  

  • Malcolm McKie

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    Technical Support Officer  

  • Charlee Riley

    Technical Services Coordinator  

  • Amanda Shearer

    Amanda Shearer

    Sales assistant at Gray’s School of Art supplies shop  

  • Robin Wilson

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    Technical Services Officer - Textiles  

  • Alison Young

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    Administrative Assistant