All requests for any design or print-related jobs MUST be submitted in the first instance to the Graphics and Printing Department at the Gatehouse.

Staff at the Gatehouse will then make the decision as to whether the in-house facility can produce the required product - it is generally in the University's best interests that as many as possible of the job requests are completed in-house and this will remain the preferred option.

If the Gatehouse design and print your job in-house, as is usually the case, the work details are recorded on the database for shadow-costing purposes. However, only the consumable costs incurred in producing each job are actually recharged against the appropriate budget code with all labour costs being covered by the University.

On occasions when the Gatehouse are unable to do the work - perhaps as a result of job size, timescales or existing workload - the Print Manager will arrange for external quotations to be provided as appropriate with the full cost being recharged to the customer.

The University utilises a compliant Printing and Binding/Finishing Framework Agreement, Advanced Procurement Universities and Colleges (APUC) and the Print Manager will seek quotations from all capable print providers on the agreement. 

The Gatehouse - Order Forms

Gatehouse are rolling out a new system of online ordering, while also taking orders via the current form system.

Online Ordering

The Gatehouse are rolling out an online ordering portal called e4Print, this portal provides the facility to order design and print work online based on a catalogue of items. Introduced as a trial with selected customers around the university e4print has proved to be a success. Initially the portal will be available for use by budget holders and eventually to other members of staff. Interested parties should contact to obtain a login. For further details contact Neil Harrison or Janice Wright at the Gatehouse.

Order online

Ordering using download forms

Please read these notes thoroughly before completing your order form.

  • Please email the order form as an attached file to the dedicated address - together with any additional file(s) relating to the order
  • The customer reference number should be self generated using your login ID followed by the date i.e. cpscs dd/mm/yy
  • A separate order form is required for each item requested
  • Please send us a hard copy sample or mock-up whenever possible (quoting customer reference number) either by internal mail or email.
  • Hard copies of the order form should not be sent via internal mail as this may lead to a duplication of your order
  • The order form should accompany all work being commissioned by The Gatehouse - Design and Print Agency (photocopying, design, printing and finishing)
  • Please ensure that all sections are fully completed to avoid mistakes. Lack of full information can cause delays in the production of your work
  • The account code must be completed. Any requisitions received without a cost centre reference will be returned to the sender
  • Material submitted for photocopying must comply with the copyright regulations and the copyright agreement (available upon request)
  • Should you require assistance with the completion of this form or need clarification on the best way to have your work produced then please give us a call on 01224 262945

Digital Print & Copying

The Gatehouse - Digital Printing & Copying Order Form (DOC 325KB)

This form to be used primarily for short run work to be black and white or colour digital reproduction from customer computer files or hard copy supplied. Please check that material submitted comply with copyright regulations. N.B As part of the University environmental and sustainable responsibilities, all copying will be produced double sided unless specific instructions are provided to the contrary.

Design & Print

The Gatehouse - Design and Print Order Form (DOC 65KB)

This form to be used primarily for work to be produced from customers brief to create corporate design, litho print and finish by conventional means

How to Supply Files

Guidance on the format and set up instructions of files before you send them for print.

How to Supply Files to Gatehouse (PDF 34KB)

If you have any further queries, or require a supply of some of our hard copy order forms, please contact Neil Harrison on x2945 or Janice Wright on x2947