The Directorate is responsible for the recruitment of students located within the UK, European Union and internationally.

We support and enable those who wish to apply to study on undergraduate and postgraduate courses to make informed choices.

We work strategically and operationally with our stakeholders within the University, locally, nationally and globally to manage and proactively seek opportunities that will enhance the reputation and profile of our institution. 

The Directorate comprises of two teams:

Student Recruitment

What our International Students Say

In collaboration with the wider University, the Student Recruitment Team leads and advises on student recruitment strategy, focussing on our comprehensive range of study.

Student Admissions Service

Life at the RGU campus

With a wealth of expertise the Student Admissions Service provides University colleagues and applicants alike with a full range of admissions support.

Directorate Management and Support Staff

  • David Ashall

    David Ashall

    Dean, Student Recruitment and Admissions  

  • Emma Corry

    Image Unavailable

    Head of Student Admissions Service  

  • Daya Evans

    Daya Evans

    Head of Student Recruitment