Academic Administration is responsible for the provision of efficient administrative processes that support both students and staff in relation to student records and information as well as student financial advice and guidance. The Director of the Department is Julie Guest.

The following sections within Academic Administration are:

Business Information

Business Information is responsible for:

  • Providing details of student numbers for internal and external  purposes
    e.g. Course Appraisal, Course Portfolio Analysis, QAEC and  in support of Outcome Agreement, Key Performance Indicators and league table
  • SFC Early and Final Stats Return
  • Compilation of student projections and service teaching for the RAM 
  • Reporting to support Freedom of Information Requests
  • Ad hoc data provision for customers throughout the university

International Student Advice, Visa and Immigration Centre

The service offers procedural advice to prospective and current RGU students on visa and immigration matters.

As well as general advice and guidance, the ISA Centre is responsible for:

  • Offering advice on extending/renewing your student visa (in line with the recommendations of the Office of the Immigration Services Commission)
  • Issuing your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number (current students only)
  • Running workshops to advise you on how to complete your Tier 4 Student visa extension form
  • Administration of the Student Batch Scheme
  • Advising you on working during your studies (please note that we do not issue letters to students to give to employers)
  • Organising a Meet and Greet service for new international/EU students
  • Leading Orientation presentations in January and September for all new international/EU students and organising Health Screening sessions on Campus
  • Offering general information and advice

Visa Advice for prospective International Students

Student Finance

The Student Finance Office is responsible for:

  • Student financial guidance
  • Fee enquiries
  • Financial Support e.g. Hardship Fund, International Fund and Emergency Loans
  • Charging of student fees
  • Collection of student fees 
  • Debt Management

The Student Finance Team can help deal with prospective students' financial queries at open days and they also provide support for student payments and fee queries during enrolment.

Student Records

The Student Records Office is responsible for:

  • Online enrolment
  • Co-ordination of supported enrolment
  • Communication with returning students re enrolment and graduation
  • Data quality
  • Student HESA Return and Overseas Aggregate Return
  • Provision of data to support the HESA DLHE Return and NSS
  • Provision of  training and development support for the assessment process
  • Graduation - student invites and certificates
  • Administrative developments
  • Third Party requests for Student Award Verifications

General Enquiries

Business Information:

Enrolment Enquiries:

Student Finance: or 01224 262 664

Student Records: or 01224 262 205