Associate Dean Research and Knowledge Exchange

  • Louise Holliday

    louise halliday

    Louise is a lecturer in the school of Nursing and Midwifery  

  • Centre for Understanding Sustainable Practice (CUSP)


  • RGU Energy Transition Institute -


  • Hyder Abbas

    My research looks at societal influences on early ‘public’ libraries in Dublin between c.1650-1860  

  • Dahiru Abdullahi

    Dr Dahiru Abdullahi is a lecturer in the People, Organisations and Practice Department at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Academic Staff

  • Rhona Flin

    Rhona Flin is Professor of Industrial Psychology at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Heather Fulford

    Professor Heather Fulford is the DBA Director at Aberdeen Business School and a member of the university Research Degrees Committee. She is also the Moderator for the RGU management and business degree programmes at Bénédict BVS Business School in Zurich, Switzerland.  

  • Zoe Morrison

    Professor Zoe Morrison is Academic Strategic Lead for Research for Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Poh Yen Ng

    Dr Poh Yen Ng is an Associate Professor in the Department of Business and Management at Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Fernando Soares Mota Siciliani de Oliveira

    Fernando is professor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management at the Aberdeen Business School.  

  • Kostas Stavrianakis

    Research Fellow  

  • Peter Strachan

    Professor of Energy Policy and Environmental Management