It is a priority that we canvas the views and requirements of all stakeholders to ensure we produce employable graduates.

Industry Liaison

Faculty members at ABS use their Industrial Liaison Group to co-ordinate employer input to course development and updating.  The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for developing a dialogue between employers and relevant Faculty members to create opportunities to network, debate, share ideas and experiences and provide advice in a systematic way. 

This dialogue occurs in a formal way using face to face meetings within ABS and also through our virtual learning environment, Moodle, as means of communication between meetings.

“We know that employability is a massive driver for higher education students at this time, and that employers want the very best graduates they can get,” says QAA's head of engagement, Chris Taylor.  This is illustrated by the two quotes below, one from a graduate of ABS and the other a local HR director.

At ABS our belief is that effective engagement helps support the creation of graduates with the appropriate skills, knowledge and expertise required by local employers; and that the role of the Industry Liaison Group is a crucial element in our successfully achieving this.

As a result of this group, there have been benefits for industry, our students and Aberdeen Business School (ABS).  This panel connects business and industry to ABS providing the opportunity to harness excellent programmes, students and research.  Students benefit in that they can be assured that their courses continue to meet the needs of industry in terms of both technical and transferable skills and that they have access to links with potential employers, placement and graduate trainee opportunities.  ABS benefits from accessible insight into local industry.

Recent Graduate Lauren Kay lists the five most important things she learnt in her first graduate job:

  1. interpersonal skills
  2. business / organisational savvy
  3. team working
  4. prioritisation / organisation skills
  5. you get out what you put in – hard work pays off


A HR Director lists the five most important things they look for in a graduate:

  1. Enthusiasm
  2. Good work ethic
  3. Demonstrated broad range of skills (not only degree subject area)
  4. Willingness to learn and an understanding there is a need to
  5. Confidence in own abilities with the absence of arrogance