Take a leap into the world of entrepreneurial opportunity.

The Centre for Entrepreneurship is a centre for excellence for research and teaching in enterprise, entrepreneurship, innovation and small business management. 

Through our work we aim to inspire our students to explore the world of entrepreneurial opportunity and to develop their enterprising mindsets. 

Small businesses play a vital part in the UK economy.  Among the rich diversity of small businesses throughout the country there are exciting graduate employment opportunities. 

The knowledge and skills our students acquire through their studies in the Centre for Entrepreneurship equip them to make a valuable contribution to the growth and sustainability of the small business sector. 

We are proud to be part of a number of leading-edge student and graduate projects seeking to help small businesses to innovate and grow. 




The Centre for Entrepreneurship delivers core and elective enterprise and entrepreneurship modules to undergraduate and postgraduate students studying on campus, online or in blended mode.

Through our teaching, we encourage our students to think entrepreneurially and to apply their enterprise skills in the workplace, the wider community and their own business ventures.

Aberdeen Business School modules:

BS2293       Business Ideas and Opportunities

BS2294       Business Creation and Growth

BS3201       New Business Project

BS3936       Creating a Business Opportunity

BS3950       Entrepreneurship in the Legal Sector

BS4208       Entrepreneurial Studies

BSM2530     Launching a New Venture

Grays School of Art modules:

BS3165       Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries

BS3166       Business Practice in the Creative Industries

AA3622       Business Start Up

Co-curricular module offered to all students at RGU:

BS1304       Enterprise Essentials

For further information about our teaching programmes please contact:

Professor Heather Fulford, Academic Director of The Centre for Entrepreneurship.

email. h.fulford@rgu.ac.uk

tel. +44 (0)1224 263869


The Centre for Entrepreneurship engages in a variety of national and international research projects, knowledge transfer partnerships and training initiatives.

Current projects:

Project title: Developing methods to evidence ‘social enterprise as a public health intervention’; a partnership of Scottish universities and the social enterprise community.

Dates: 2014-2019

Funding: £2M; Medical Research Council

Investigators: Lead investigator: Yunus Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University; RGU Co-investigator: Prof Heather Fulford


Project title: ScotGrad Enterprise Training

Dates: 2013-2016

Funding: £550,000; Scottish Funding Council

Investigators: Prof Heather Fulford; Prof Rita Marcella; in partnership with the University of Strathclyde


Project title: Developing reflective entrepreneurs

Dates: 2013-2014

Funding: £5,000; Enterprise Educators UK

Investigators: Prof Heather Fulford; Dr Moira Bailey; Anne Stevenson


Project title: Building online learning communities

Dates: 2013-2014

Funding: £2,000; DELTA (RGU)

Investigators: Prof Heather Fulford; Dr Moira Bailey; Graeme Stephen; Susan McWhirr


Project title: An entrepreneurial perspective in artistic work

Dates: 2011-2014

Funding: £58,000; AHRC

Investigators: Prof Alistair Anderson in partnership with Gray’s School of Art


Project title: Satellite internet for rural areas (SIRA)

Dates: 2011-2014

Funding: £9,900; Research Council

Investigators: Prof Alistair Anderson in partnership with Aberdeen University

Past projects:

Project title: TalentScotland Graduate Placement Programme - Work-based experiential learning for business development

Dates: 2010-2013

Funding: £752,000; Scottish Funding Council & Skills Development Scotland 

Investigators: Prof Heather Fulford; Prof Rita Marcella; in partnership with the University of Strathclyde


Project title: Sharing expertise on teaching entrepreneurship (Tianjin, China)

Dates: 2011-2013

Funding: £3,300; British Council

Investigators: Prof Alistair Anderson


Project title: Alternative perceptions of rural crime

Dates: 2012

Funding: £2,000; SIPR

Investigators: Dr Rob Smith


Project title: Dissemination of practice within the police service

Dates: 2011-2012

Funding: £3,000; SIPR

Investigators: Dr Rob Smith; Dr Liz Frondigoun (Glasgow Caledonian University)


Project title: Teaching entrepreneurship

Dates: 2009-2012

Funding: £5,574; Frankfurt Mainz University

Investigators: Prof Alistair Anderson



Project title: Police use of blogging

Dates: 2011

Funding: £3,500; IMaGEs (pump prime funding)

Investigators: Dr Rob Smith; Dr Simon Burnett; Prof Sarah Pedersen


Project title: The Impact of the Credit Crunch on the Financing and Growth of Technology-Based Small Firms in the UK

Dates: 2010-2011

Funding: £10,488; Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Research and Knowledge Exchange Fund.

Investigators: Dr Farid Ullah in partnership with Middlesex University


Project title: KTP with Aberdeen Foyer

Dates: 2009-2011

Funding: £115,000; Knowledge Transfer Partnership 

Investigators: Prof Heather Fulford


Project title: Review of police complaints handling in Scotland

Dates: 2010

Funding: £43,500; The Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland (PCCS)

Investigators: Dr Rob Smith; Prof Paul Spicker; Dr Laura Sharp; Linda Strangward


Project title: Federation of Small Business Professorship

Dates: 2007-2011

Funding: £216,945; Federation of Small Businesses

Investigators: Prof Alistair Anderson


Project title: Leadership Research Seminar

Dates: 2009

Funding: £1,500; SIPR

Investigators: Dr Rob Smith


Project title: Networking in an international context

Dates: 2006-2009

Funding: £13,000; Lancaster University Business School

Investigators: Prof Alistair Anderson; Prof Sarah Jack (Lancaster University); Sarah Drakopoulou Dodd (Alba, Graduate Business School, Athens)


Centre for Entrepreneurship staff form an enthusiastic research community with a variety of interests and expertise in entrepreneurship.

We offer supervision in both qualitative and quantitative approaches to entrepreneurship and welcome enquires about research proposals. Potential supervisors have research interests in three broad areas:

  • The entrepreneurial process, exploring the big questions of how and why entrepreneurship arises and works.
  • Small Business issues, such as training, knowledge management, governance and innovation.
  • Enterprise education and entrepreneurial learning.

Centre staff and doctoral students publish in a range of international scholarly journals and books.  We present at a range of international conferences.  Staff are also members of the editorial boards of leading entrepreneurship and innovation journals.

The Centre has also enjoyed visits from a wide range of visiting scholars from across the world including: Xiuxiang Zhang, Ma Zhiong and Jin Hi Li from China; Ana Bojica, Matilde Ruiz Arroya, Maria Torreblanca and Nuria Toledano from Spain; Monica Diochon from Canada; Sadaat Raaman from Iran; Rashid Ali Ibrahim Al-Balushi from Oman; and Johan Gadeffors from Sweden.

For further information about our research activity or to enquire about doctoral studies in entrepreneurship, please contact:

Professor Alistair R. Anderson

email: a.r.anderson@rgu.ac.uk

tel. +44 (0)1224 263883


Our teaching programme is supplemented by a range of events involving local entrepreneurs, businesses and social enterprises.

SIE Activities

The Centre works closely with The Scottish Institute for Enterprise  to promote enterprise to our students.  Each year students participate in business idea competitions and challenges organised by the SIE interns.

SIEThe SIE student interns at RGU for 2013-14 are:

Maxine King RGU.intern@sie.ac.uk

Sebastian Coles (Informatics intern) s.coles@rgu.ac.uk

SIE Regional Business Advisor (Aberdeen & North): Dawn Shand.  D.shand@sie.ac.uk Dawn is available to discuss student business ideas and to advise on start-up issues.

Recent SIE student competition winners:

2014 Fresh Ideas Competition

Alex Rennie, Year 1 International Business, Aberdeen Business School

2013 New Ideas Competition

Karl Porter, 3D Design, Grays School of Art


Enterprise EducatorsEnterprise Educators UK

We are members of Enterprise Educators UK


The Entrepreneurship Dinner

The Centre for Entrepreneurship hosts the annual Entrepreneurship Dinner, generously sponsored by AMEC.  The event includes presentations by invited speakers and lively panel debates on topical entrepreneurship and business leadership issues. The dinner provides a valuable networking opportunity for the business and academic communities. 

2013  Peter Bruce & Margaret Gibson - Building the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

2012  Nick Nairn & Alasdair Locke - Ingredients for Success            

2011  Martin Gilbert & Nigel Wilson - Opportunities in Recession

2010  Roy MacGregor & Robert Cook - Exporting North East Values – Energy and Hospitality

2009  Bernard Looney & Leo Koot - ‘Riding the Storm’ of the recession

2008  Gordon Ballard & Mark McAllister - Entrepreneurial Innovation in the North Sea – Technology, People and Finance

Absoft Annual Entrepreneurship Lecture series

AbsoftThe Centre for Entrepreneurship has been hosting the Annual Entrepreneurship Lecture since 1996.  Absoft has kindly sponsored the lecture series since 2002.  Prior to that, a key sponsor of the lecture series was Bon Accord Glass.

The lectures are a great opportunity for students to hear the life stories of successful entrepreneurs. Our students have benefitted from hearing very varied and interesting speakers.

Year     Speaker                                             Company              

2014    Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne             Genius Foods

2013    Roy MacGregor OBE                  Global Energy

2012    Edel Harris                                Cornerstone

2011    Murray Strachan                        Strachan & Partners

2010    Ken Milroy MBE                          Aberdeen Foyer

2009    Martin Dickie & James Watt       BrewDog

2008    Melfort Campbell                       The Imes Group

2007    Jamie Smith                              The Ice Factor

2006    Jim McColl OBE                         Clyde Blowers Plc

2005    Chris Gorman                            DX Communications / Gadget shop

2003    Robert Morris                            Morris Furniture

2002    Mark Dearnley                          Wellbeing.com

2001    Sir Tom Hunter                         Hunter Foundation

2000  Alison J B Louden & Ian Ritchie   Business Angels

1999   Chris Van Der Kuyl                     4J Studios

1998   Stephen E Remp                        Ramco Energy plc

1997   John Milligan CBE                      Atlantic Power

1996   Jack Black                                 Mindstore


Staff Contact Details & Profiles

  • Simon Fraser

    Simon Fraser

    Dr Simon Fraser is a senior lecturer in Entrepreneurship, he is also responsible for collaborative partnerships with global institutions.  

  • Heather Fulford

    Image Unavailable

    Professor Heather Fulford is the DBA Director at Aberdeen Business School and a member of the university Research Degrees Committee. She is also the Moderator for the RGU management and business degree programmes at Bénédict BVS Business School in Zurich, Switzerland.  

  • Graham Grant

    Graham Grant

    Lecturer in Entrepreneurship  

  • Farid Ullah

    Image Unavailable

    Lecturer in Entrepreneurship  

  • Jahangir Wasim

    Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  

  • Staff Contact Details & Profiles