The bodies and individuals who support Safety Management at RGU, including information on the Occupational Health and Safety Office.

Staff Governance Committee

The remit of the Staff Governance Committee (SGC) is:

"To contribute to, review and endorse the overall health and safety strategy, significant new policies and major changes to existing policies; to set and monitor the implementation of the corporate health and safety plan; and to consider any major items of concern specifically referred by the Health and Safety Committee."

Health and Safety Committee

The primary purpose of the Health and Safety Committee is to fulfil a statutory function under the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977, and it is attended by Trade Union appointed Safety Representatives and representatives of University management.

The Health and Safety Committee is included in the consultative process for all policy items relating to health and safety under consideration by the Executive Group.

The Health and Safety Committee may escalate matters that it considers are not receiving the appropriate consideration as follows:

  • To the Director or Head of School / Department with particular responsibility.
  • To the Head of Occupational Health and Environmental Safety.
  • To the University designated Director with responsibility for health and safety.
  • To Executive, via the Principal.
  • Failing all of the above, to the Staff Governance Committee.

Health and Safety Committee Pages

Local Health and Safety Committees

Local Health and Safety Committees (where they exist) consider local management issues and assist in the resolution of site safety issues quickly.

If an issue remains unresolved then it is passed to the Health and Safety Committee for consideration, or escalated as appropriate.

Employee Safety Representatives

The Robert Gordon University recognises the important contribution that trade union appointed Safety Representatives make to the promotion and achievement of high standards of safety.

The functions of trade union appointed Safety Representatives do not diminish in any way the line responsibilities of managers, supervisors, all other employees and students for promoting effective safety standards. The trade union appointed Safety Representative fulfils a vital role in enabling these responsibilities to be discharged more effectively.

The rights of the trade union appointed Safety Representative will be respected at all times. In addition, the aim is to enhance their role, wherever possible, by integrating them into the wider range of University safety activities.

Trade union appointed Safety Representatives will receive training to a recognised standard, have access to the resources of the Occupational Health and Safety Office and be provided with sufficient time off from their normal duties to enable them to fulfil their role effectively.

They will discuss matters affecting health and safety with line supervision and the management of the University on behalf of their members.

Trade union appointed Safety Representatives will be invited to take part in incident investigations where the interests of their members are affected.

Where appropriate, trade union appointed Safety Representatives will also be invited to take part in audits with management, line supervision and the health and safety team.

They will be consulted on risk assessment protocols and other significant policies.

Trade union appointed safety representatives and Safety Co-ordinators will have access to statutory safety documentation, local risk assessments and University policies, standards and procedures on safety. They will be kept informed of the University’s safety plans and be given details of the University’s safety performance.

Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Office

The Head of Occupational Health and Environmental Safety (OHES), reports directly to the Vice-Principal (Corporate Operations) who is the University’s designated Health & Safety Director.

The Head of Occupational Health and Environmental Safety is responsible for developing and ensuring the evolution of the RGU health and safety management system. Additionally the Head of Occupational and Environmental Safety has responsibility for engaging RGU key stakeholders in aspects of the University’s strategy, policies and operations in terms of health and safety - and providing a high quality advisory, monitoring and development service to management.

The Occupational Health and Safety Adviser and Fire Safety Adviser report to the Head of Occupational Health and Environmental Safety, and assist him in fulfilling the responsibilities of the OHES Office.

Specific responsibilities of the OHES Office include:

  • Acting as a custodian of the University Safety Management System.
  • Providing advice on the effectiveness of the University’s emergency plans and procedures.
  • Planning, for approval by the Health and Safety Committee and SGC as appropriate, and delivering developments in the Health and Safety Management System.
  • Developing, maintaining, monitoring and improving key safety techniques.
  • Providing, reviewing and updating all University safety documents, including this statement of policy, the Safety Management System, and relevant standards and procedures.
  • Disseminating information within the University on statutory requirements, industry codes of practice and internal standards relating to safety.
  • Establishing and maintaining safety training standards.
  • Promoting effective consultation between employees, students and management.
  • Undertaking, monitoring and reviewing the reporting, investigation, and follow up to incidents, where appropriate.
  • Auditing, monitoring and reviewing the University’s safety performance.
  • Assisting in the resolution on matters of safety where a conflict of interest arises.
  • Escalating significant issues to the Health and Safety Director where appropriate.

School / Department Health and Safety Co-ordinator

Each School and Department (including subsidiary businesses) will appoint one or more Health & Safety Co-ordinator to act as a conduit for health and safety information, and as a link between the School or Department and the OHES Department and/or Faculty.

The main activities involved with this role include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing a focus for health and safety in the School/Department.
  • Filtering and dealing with straightforward requests for health and safety advice.
  • Resolving simple health and safety enquiries and issues at local level.
  • Liaising with the OHES Department and/or Faculty Health and Safety Co-ordinators as appropriate.
  • Assisting in co-ordinating audits, inspections, investigations and other health and safety initiatives.
  • Monitoring compliance with and performance towards best safety plans.
  • Assisting in co-ordinating implementation of University requirements, and assist in ongoing maintenance and management of findings pursuant to implementation.

The competency requirement of this role is (or working towards) the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Level 3 Award in Health and Safety, provided via the OHES department.

Access the current list of co-ordinators:

RGU Health and Safety Co-ordinators (PDF 301KB)