The lone working and out of hours access policy and its associated procedures have been reviewed. The aim of this review was to simplify our procedures, increase compliance and to reflect our current safety and access control needs.

The revised system clarifies the categories of exclusion from the policy and provides specific lone working and out of hours procedures to enable the implementation of the policy’s requirement.

The new policy and procedures have been designed to separate the time of day from the activity being undertaken. This approach defines 3 separate times of day:

  • Core hours (buildings open and fully staffed)
  • Non-core hours (buildings open but with reduced staffing) and
  • Buildings closed

The justification for this separation and the “non-core hours” definition originates in the staffing available to provide first aid, fire steward and fire evacuation cover.

Lone Working and Out of Hours Access Policy Statement

Lone Working Out of Hours Policy (PDF 177KB)

Lone Working Procedure

Lone Working Procedure (PDF 130KB)

Lone Working Flowchart (PDF 15KB)

Out of Hours Work Procedure

Out of Hours Work Procedure (PDF 135KB)

Out of Hours Work Flowchart (PDF 18KB)


Lone Working - Authorised Activities Form (DOC 40KB)

Lone Working / Out of Hours Access Application (DOC 155KB)