This group has been constituted by the Principal.

Convener: Professor Ferdinand von Prondzynski

Secretary: Mrs Fiona McLean Whyte


The Operations Management Group:

  • Advises the Principal on the role of professional, administrative and support functions in the development and implementation of university strategy and the Business Plan
  • Advises on high level policy formulation and operational developments
  • Ensures that the support services work effectively together
  • Provides a forum for sharing information, discussing issues of common interest and addressing issues that run across two or more support services
  • Meets once a semester with the Senior Management Group to ensure alignment in terms of strategy implementation and to enhance communication
  • Discusses such other matters as the Principal may from time to time determine.


Notes of meetings

Notes of meetings for Session 2016/17 are available on RGyoU at:

Operations Management Group Meetings (RGyoU)

Meetings 2017/18

  • Wednesday 4 October 2017 (N204)
  • Tuesday 14 November 2017 (joint meeting with the Senior Management Group) (H230)
  • Wednesday 7 March 2018 (N204)
  • Wednesday 2 May 2018 (joint meeting with the Senior Management Group) (H230)

Meetings commence at 10 am and take place as indicated above.