We provide information and guidance for current and prospective staff at RGU.

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New ECU Guidance

Based on case studies of five higher education institutions, this guidance focuses on key factors in developing and delivering successful mentoring initiatives for women in higher education. Areas covered include:

  • What is mentoring?
  • Benefits of mentoring
  • Models of formal mentoring in UK higher education
  • Key factors to consider for successful mentoring schemes
  • Measuring the impact
  • The limits of mentoring
  • Recommendations

Equality impact assessment template and guidance for policy owners

The university’s Equality Impact Assessment template has been updated.  Some guidance has been added on how individuals should impact assess policies providing some basic facts and figures to highlight the type of evidence that should be considered as part of the process of impact assessment. 

If policy owners would like a word format document emailed, or have any questions please contact:


Bullying and Harassment Policy

The updated Bullying and Harassment Policy (PDF 176KB) covers both staff and students and identifies clearly the types of behaviours which constitute bullying and harassment overall and in relation to each of the equality protected characteristics. The policy also identifies sources of help and support for staff and students and outlines the process for reporting any breaches of the policy.

Networks for staff

RGU Rainbow Network

Improving the experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender staff at RGU.

RGU Women's Network

The network is open to all staff who are female or who identify as female. It aims to provide an open, inclusive and supportive environment for women from across the university to meet and share information, knowledge and experience. Please contact rguwomen@rgu.ac.uk to find out more.