Recognised nationally and internationally as a Centre of excellence in the field of trauma, much of the Centre's research was multidisciplinary in nature and embraced trauma-related issues within the clinical, educational, and occupational domains. Additionally, the Centre provided consultancy services and training provision in: incident preparedness and response; hostage taking/survival; mental health interventions after trauma, and reactions to trauma and bereavement.

The aim of the Centre's research was to conduct high quality research into various aspects of trauma; with a key focus on the development and evaluation of evidence-based practices in the trauma response management of emergency service personnel [Ambulance personnel and critical incidents] and military personnel [The costs of conflict: meeting the mental health needs of serving personnel and service veterans].

Research Themes

Police (Special Operations) Research Group

Established to undertake innovative research into various aspects of crisis management by the police service to ensure that policing operations and the training of officers are evidence-based. Research included: (i) the resilience displayed by police officers in the face of ‘critical incidents’ [Resilience and well-being in a Scottish Police Force]; (ii) research with Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs), and (iii) the ‘epidemiology’ of hostage-related and other incidents to which police negotiators are deployed, and the perceived value of their deployment [Hostage and crisis incidents: an evidence-based analysis to inform police negotiator training provision].

Psychosocial response to major incidents

Commissioned by the Department of Health (DOH)/NATO, the Centre provided an evidence-base for the psychosocial response to major incidents (including terrorist events) to which all NATO countries have now signed up [Psychosocial care for people affected by disasters and major incidents].

Long term management of combat-related Injuries

Funded by the Headley Court Trust the aims of this study were to identify in combat-injured personnel the: (i) durability of psychiatric and psychosocial gains from rehabilitation following combat-related injury, and (ii) impact of combat-related injury on the partners of military personnel in terms of mental health, psychosocial adjustment, and relationships.

British social attitudes towards the military and contemporary conflict

Working in collaboration with the Department of War Studies and King’s Centre for Military Health Research (King’s College London), this ESRC-funded study explored public attitudes towards Service and ex-Service personnel (veterans) and their views on the recent conflict in Iraq and the ongoing campaign in Afghanistan [The UK’s Armed Forces: public support for the troops but not their missions?].

This research built on previous work commissioned by the Scottish Government [Scoping review: a needs-based assessment and epidemiological community-based survey of ex-service personnel and their families in Scotland].

The Team

Core Staff

The team continue to be actively involved in consultancy, training, emergency responses, knowledge exchange, and trauma and police-related research
(RGU showcases Scottish model of policing research at International LEPH conference).

Emeritus Professor David A Alexander
MA(Hons) CPsychol PhD FBPS FRSM (Hons) FRCPsych  

Special Advisor, Police Scotland

Associate, Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR)
Former Director, Aberdeen Centre for Trauma Research
E-mail: d.a.alexander@rgu.ac.uk

Visiting Professor Susan Klein
MA(Hons) PhD Cert COSCA

Associate, Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR)
Former Director, Aberdeen Centre for Trauma Research
Email: s.klein@rgu.ac.uk

Dr Midj Falconer
BSc(Hons) PhD

Research Fellow/Associate Lecturer
Member: Scottish Institute for Policing Research; BSC Policing Network
E-mail: m.falconer4@rgu.ac.uk 

Andrew B Brown (former Chief Inspector)

Associate Lecturer
Member: Scottish Institute for Policing Research
Former Deputy Head of Leadership and Professional Development, Scottish Police College

Craig J Menzies
BA MSc (former Inspector)

Associate Lecturer
Former Operational Command Programme Co-ordinator, Scottish Police College


Dr Midj Falconer BSc(Hons) PhD

Research Fellow, School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
Tel: +44 (0)1224 263156
Email: m.falconer4@rgu.ac.uk