The RGU: ResLife team is here to support your time in student accommodation and beyond, with Residence Assistants providing out-of-hours care and a Community team helping residents to integrate socially.

What is RGU: ResLife?

RGU: ResLife is here to ensure that all RGU students benefit from the University experience and have all the available resources on hand to help them succeed personally, socially and academically.


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We provide a comprehensive social calendar as well as access to support services.

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You will have access to a dedicated team of full-time student welfare & advice professionals.

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We will continue to support students even after they have moved out of RGU's accommodation.

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Out-of-hours cover is provided at most sites by members of the RGU: ResLife team for emergencies like health issues, fire, security and missing persons.


Emergency contact details for each accommodation site

The RGU: ResLife team host a series of events throughout the year.

More details of RGU: ResLife events can be found on Facebook 

Meet the ResLife Team

Residence Assistants (RAs)

Residence Assistants, commonly known as RAs, are senior students who live within the residences and are here to help with advice, welfare support, information and disciplinary matters.

RAs can address issues you may be experiencing such as noise disturbance, neighbour problems, kitchen cleaning problems or if you just need someone to talk to. They are students and have been in a similar position to new residents - being a new arrival in an unfamiliar city and doing that "fresher" thing. All members of the RA team are trained to handle and appropriately advise students on a wide range of issues so can be approached by residents for any advice or support.

RAs are also trained to deal with fire safety and other emergency issues that may occur outside of regular office hours.

Most of our accommodation has Residence Assistants - more details are available on-site.

Community Team

The Community team is made up of senior students who actively promote events, socialisation and integration within University accommodation.

They are on hand to advise all residents on upcoming events arranged by RGU: ResLife as well as to appropriately signpost students to appropriate services. All members of the Community team are trained to handle and appropriately advise students on a wide range of issues so can be approached by any residents need advice or support.

Many of our accommodation sites have resident Community team members.


Wardens lead the RA teams and will act on any information passed to them by the RA team.

Residents can also go directly to the Wardens for support and advice on any aspect of University life. Wardens have usually been involved previously within the ResLife sector.

There are three Wardens, who between them have responsibility for all University accommodation sites.

ResLife Co-ordinator

The ResLife Co-ordinator (RLC) heads up the Community team and is responsible for much of the RA and Community team’s training.

Our RLC ensures that all students within University accommodation are provided with the necessary support, and opportunities to socialise, necessary to make the most of their University career.

The RLC also works alongside the Accommodation Support & ResLife Manager to provide a drop-in service for any student, in accommodation or otherwise, looking for advice on any issue whether it is academic, health-related, concerning private lets or even just for a chat.

Terry Knight
Accommodation Support & ResLife Manager
Tel: +44 (0) 1224 26 2141

Accommodation Support & ResLife Manager

Terry Knight, Accommodation Support & ResLife Manager, has overall responsibility for the ResLife teams and has specific responsibility for individual’s welfare and promotion of positive living experience for students in RGU accommodation.

In addition, Terry works closely with other University departments, RGU: Union and external organisations and providers of services to provide opportunities and partnerships for RGU students. Terry operates a Housing Advice service through the Student Help Point to all University students regardless of whether they live in RGU accommodation or in private accommodation.

Terry Knight
Accommodation Support & ResLife Manager
Tel: +44 (0) 1224 26 2141