As part of RGU’s commitment to working in partnership with students, the university provides students with the opportunity to engage in a variety of feedback activities.

Find out how you can 'get involved' at University, the different ways you can provide feedback, as well as what actions are currently being taken in response to student feedback.

Have your say

Some of the ways you can provide your views and opinions are:

Student Representation and Partnership - Have your SayThrough informal links which exist between students and staff. You should feel able to approach members of staff to give them informal feedback on what is going well and/or areas that could be enhanced.

Through completing Student Experience Questionnaires which will be issued at regular intervals throughout your course. The results provide Course Teams, as well as School and University management, with a wealth of information to help understand and improve students' experiences.

Through becoming a Student Representative engaged in formal Staff Student Liaison mechanisms within Schools.  By doing so you may well influence decision-making processes.  You will also have the opportunity to develop valuable transferable skills, whilst contributing to enhancements being made.  A wide range of committees across the University also have student representation.  Student Reps are also regularly invited to meetings with Senior Management.

If you are not interested in becoming a Student Rep yourself, please remember that they are appointed to represent you - take the time to pass on your views to your Rep as they may well help to improve the learning experience for you and your classmates. For more information about becoming a Student Rep contact

The Student Association is made up of elected officers who have regular formal and informal contact with the University. If you have an issue that your are unable to resolve within your course, or school, you can contact one of the Sabbatical team or Faculty Officers for advice.

At least every six years an Institution Led Subject Review process is undertaken for each subject, this involves a panel of individuals from within the University as well as external members. In reviewing the subject they hold meetings with current and past students about their experiences.

Achieved in Partnership

Partnership is at the core of RGU and we are proud to work with our students to provide the best student learning experience possible.

Student Representation and Partnership - Partnership in Action

By working closely with RGU: Union and collecting feedback directly from students, the University is able to ensure that student are adequately represented at every stage of development.

Working in partnership with students and RGU: Union, the University has made a number of changes to enhance the student learning experience.

Some of the major recent enhancements have included changes to the assessment and feedback process, reviews of the academic calendar, and redevelopment of social spaces. 





Recognising student contributions

The University values the contribution made by Student Representatives and awards all Reps with a certificate at the end of their year of service in recognition of their contribution.

Student Representation and Partnership - Impact of PartnershipIn addition all students are invited to engage with the following, and the Student Rep role may be an element which you could choose to include within your evidence base:

  • The Engagement and Partnership awards are aimed at students who have positively contributed to the student learning experience of their fellow students. This contribution may have taken place in a number of different ways and may have had a direct, school level or university level impact. Current students can find out more information about the awards on CampusMoodle:Engagement and Partnership Awards
  • The new Extra-Curricular credit-rated module which aims to formally recognise the range of co-curricular activity which students engage in, beyond the formal curriculum, and the personal growth and skills development derived from such activities. Further details will be issued by the Study Skills and Access Unit during Semester 1. Current students can find out more information about the awards on CampusMoodle:Extra-Curricular Award (CampusMoodle)
  • Through training and fulfilment of the student representative role you will learn a number of transferable skills which will enable you to showcase your ability to thrive in a working environment and contribute to a productive team. 
  • In addition to this, students who have fulfilled their role as a student representative will receive recognition on their HEAR record

Partnership at RGU

RGU strives to offer the very best university experience by working in partnership with the student body to create a vibrant learning community.

Individually, and collectively, students and staff continue to help shape and change the student learning experience within the university.

In recognition of this a Student Partnership Agreement has been developed between the university and RGU:Union which commits to an ethos and mechanism for partnership work to continually enhance the student experience. 

The Agreement seeks to support and encourage an effective working relationship between the student body and the university and provide opportunities for students to work collaboratively with staff and be at the heart of shaping developments on our Garthdee campus.

Download the agreement brochure:

RGU Student Partnership Agreement Brochure 2018 (PDF 1.4MB)

Download a PDF

RGU Student Partnership Agreement Brochure (PDF 1.4MB)

Further Information

Current students can check out our pages on CampusMoodle for more information on student representation and partnership at RGU, or how you can get involved:

Student Representation and Partnership on CampusMoodle

Or email us directly: