This page provides current Robert Gordon University students with links to policies, procedures and guidelines while studying.

  • Student Union Mental Health Agreement

    dmLnk_teaserMediumThumbStudent Union Mental Health Agreement

    See the RGU Student Union website for information about our Mental Health Agreement. We worked with the guidance of NUS Scotland to produce five main objectives to achieve this.

Dignity at Work & Study Policy (PDF 279KB)This policy describes what the university consider as unacceptable behaviour including bullying, harassment, hate crime and victimisation. The policy gives information on what to do and where to find support if you are being subjected to any of these behaviours.

Student Mental Health Policy (PDF 108KB)This policy is designed to make sure that the university promotes mental wellbeing and has processes in place to support students when they are experiencing mental health difficulties.

Management of Communicable Disease Incidents at Robert Gordon University (PDF 300KB)This joint procedure with NHS Grampian describes how the university would respond if there was an outbreak of an infectious illness among our community and includes contact details of the NHS Grampian health protection team as well as university contacts.

Fit to Sit Policy: Extenuating Circumstances (PDF 445KB)This policy describes the university’s approach to assessments and extenuating circumstances. The policy provides guidance on what is an extenuating circumstance, how to request this for an assessment and what will happen to the request.

Information Governance Policy (PDF 218KB)This policy covers issues around data protection and how the university will manage the personal information that we store about our students and staff.

Parking Policy (PDF 186KB)This policy outlines the rules around getting a parking permit on the campus and in student accommodation, along with rules on how the car parks should be used.

Student Drugs Policy (PDF 120KB)This policy sets out the university’s rules on possession and supply of controlled drugs as well as the ways in we can offer support if a student has a drug related issue.