RGU student’s Torry housing proposal wins second prize in international architecture competition

A third year architecture student from RGU’s Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment has placed 2nd in an international architecture competition for his innovative housing designs for Torry in Aberdeen.

External visualAngus Chow (21) came runner up in the Unbuilt Housing 2018 Awards ‘Multi-Family Housing’ category.

Angus’s winning proposal aimed to try and tackle some of the issues which have contributed to the UK housing crisis, from an ageing and increase in population to the changing demographics and behaviour of youngsters leaving home earlier.

“In my design proposal, the aim was to create housing for all ages in the site which lies on the East part of Balnagask circle in Torry,” Angus said.

“The design intention was to create a co-housing area which would, in theory, be run by a non-profit housing organization.

“The design was to solve a number of social issues which are so prevalent in modern day life, such as loneliness, unemployment and low-income, and to experiment a new way of living inside Torry.

“As the residents would be sharing interaction in daily life, the function would create a connection and bonding between people and it is hoped this would help to create a sense of community and neighbourhood.”

Angus’s design, which won him €500, will now form part of an online exhibition where the public can see all the submissions.

“This was a fascinating challenge and I feel honoured to have placed so highly in an international competition. 

“We all are familiar with hearing the word housing, but at the same time, we see the crisis all around the world. Buildings cannot continue to go up and up, and as designers we have to find the new way of living, a new lifestyle in our living environment.”


Release by Rob Smith
Communications Officer
Press and Media Enquiries