Engineering graduate hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps

A young engineering student from Elgin is hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps with a career in the oil and gas industry after graduating with a BEng in Mechanical and Offshore Engineering from Robert Gordon University (RGU) on Friday, July 13.

Kieran FaulknerKieran Faulkner (22) had always felt that university was the best option for him to ensure he had the qualifications he needed to work offshore.

The aim for Kieran was to follow a similar path to his Dad, who works as a geophysical engineering, travelling all over the world with his work.

“I chose to go to university because I wanted to improve my job prospects and felt that university was the best way to do this,” Kieran said.

“I was attracted to the course due to the high employment rate that RGU had published and my dad also worked in the offshore industry. I found his lifestyle was something that I’d like to work towards and I thought that engineering would be something I could do well in.”

“I feel pleased with my achievement at university, it definitely helped me improve my time management and interpersonal skills, and of course my academic abilities such as report writing, but it was definitely challenging.”

Among the stand out experiences of his time at RGU, Kieran looks back on a third year project which involves all the engineering students design, building and racing ‘land yachts’ in a series of time trials.

“One of my personal highlights would be the land yacht project we completed in our 3rd year. I really enjoyed working as part of a team, designing the vehicle from scratch, building it and then racing them at the end of the semester.

“With the amount of group work that we do in engineering at RGU, I feel prepared for what’s next. My confidence has definitely grown and I hope that this helps me in the future.

“Being part of the rugby team at university was also a highlight for me, I met some fantastic people and would highly recommend joining a club to anyone that intends on going to university.”

A talented musician, Kieran is now planning on taking a bit of time off to focus some attention on this before pursuing his offshore career.

“While at school I did a bit of music in my spare-time, learning to play the flute and guitar, and in my second year at RGU I was lucky enough to be asked by a local bar, The Boozy Cow, to run an acoustic night. I ran this for almost a year but in my final year the workload was too much to continue playing gigs at various bars. However, now that I’m finished I would really like to pick this up again.”


Release by Rob Smith
Communications Officer
Press and Media Enquiries