Dundee fashion student to showcase city-inspired fashion range at Degree Show

An aspiring young fashion designer from RGU's Gray’s School of Art will showcase her edgy clothing range, inspired by the city of Dundee, at the annual Degree Show this week.

Tilly LongworthTilly Longworth left Braeview Academy at 15 to pursue her creative dream which led her to Gray’s School of Art, where she is set to graduate with a Fashion and Textiles Degree.

Some of her designs focus on well-known names within Dundee, such as the ‘Evening Tullygraph’ and ‘Tilly Whizz’, a play on the local paper and the Beano’s Billy Whizz – a character created by her cartoonist Uncle Vic Neill.

Tilly’s designs, which are already proving popular and being sold through her Instagram page, will go on display at the Gray’s Degree Show, which opens for a private view on Friday, June 15.

“By the time I left college in 2014 I was sure fashion and textiles was the career path that I wanted to take,” she said.

“I've always had an eye for fashion and being able to express my art through fabric manipulation and mark making for clothing really intrigued me.

“My Degree Show work was inspired by a trip I made to London during summer. I was very interested in the grime music youths were listening to and the culture behind it. I could see a relationship between some of the lyrics being used in the music and my own life growing up on a council estate in Dundee.

“Grime artists tend to always represent where they come from, so I decided to do this my own way, within my textiles. I observed the youths on my estate and the environment. My aim was to manipulate the ‘hype beast’ market making my own brand of clothing for the youths using my name as the logo.”

Despite the challenges of commuting from Dundee every day, Tilly’s final year has been the highlight of her time at Gray’s.

“My final year at university has definitely been the best year for me. I’ve learned so much about myself and developed a lot of skills in my specialism - printed textiles.

“Our graduate fashion show was an amazing experience, we all got such good feedback and I’m also really excited about exhibiting my work at New Designers in London in June with some of my course mates.”

Tilly is now looking to life after graduation, which will hopefully involve a continued relationship at Gray’s and the development of her own business.

“After I graduate I plan on seeing how starting up my own business goes. Throughout my time at Gray’s, I’ve been posting photos of my work on social media and this has attracted a good amount of attention and engagement, with some people looking to purchase my creations.

“I’m also going to apply to be the graduate in residence at Gray’s as this would give me all the tools I need and studio space to help me if I plan to develop my own business.”

The Gray’s School of Art Degree Show 2018 takes place at the art school from June 16 – 24. 


Release by Rob Smith
Communications Officer
Press and Media Enquiries