We understand that receiving a visa refusal can be upsetting as you have invested time and money in the process.

We would encourage you to take extra time and care to ensure that your first application is successful. If you are refused we may not be in a position to issue you another CAS.

The most common reason for refusal is FINANCIAL. It is vitally important that you plan ahead with your finances to ensure you meet the UKVI requirements. More information is available on the UKVI Financial webpages.

The majority of refusals are based on:

  • Not showing the necessary money for the required 28 day period.
  • Not showing enough money
  • Presenting financial evidence in the incorrect format

If your application is refused please email CAS@rgu.ac.uk with a scanned copy of the full refusal notice. Please let us know whether you would like to apply for second CAS number with us. We can then advise you further.