It is possible that anyone can pay money direct to your Tier 4 sponsor on your behalf, for example to pay your course fees or accommodation costs.

However, any evidence of money that you submit in support of your Tier 4 application (for example bank statements) must be in your name or in your parent's / legal guardian's name (or names).

You cannot use evidence of money held in any other person's name, even if you have their permission to do so. If someone who is not your parent or guardian is giving you money for your living costs, they will need to transfer the funds to your account (or to your parent or legal guardian's account), allowing enough time for you (or your parent or legal guardian) to hold the funds for at least 28 days and get evidence of this, before you apply for your Tier 4 visa.

Once you have arranged for the required funds to be transferred to your own personal bank account you should refer to:

Self Financing Student

Visa Information - Self Funded Students

A self financing student is someone who plans to pay their course fees and living costs from their own monies.