A self- financing student is someone who plans to pay their course fee and living costs from their own monies and show their own personal bank statements as evidence when applying for visa.

As evidence of your money, use:

  • personal bank or building society statements, or
  • a building society passbook, or
  • a certificate of deposit*, or
  • a letter from your bank, or a regulated financial institution, confirming your funds, or
  • a letter from a regulated financial institution confirming that you have a loan that is provided by the national government, the state or regional government or a government sponsored student loan company, or that is part of an academic or educational loans scheme.

*A certificate of deposit is issued by a bank to confirm that the named person has deposited or invested a specific amount of money. Certificates of deposit are not listed as acceptable evidence.

You can show more than one account in your own name if you have funds in several accounts. You can also show partial funds in your own account AND submit evidence from your parent or legal guardian if they are also supporting you. If this applies to you then you must use this section and refer to ‘I am being sponsored by a parent/legal guardian.

Other accounts or financial instruments such as shares, bonds, overdrafts, credit cards and pension funds are not acceptable, regardless of notice period. Certificates of deposit are only acceptable if they do not indicate that funds are frozen.

You will not be awarded points for maintenance where the money you are showing us is held in a financial institution with which the Home Office is unable to make satisfactory verification checks. This will be considered using the list in use on the date of your application. A list of financial institutions which do not satisfactorily verify financial statements will be published on Home Office pages:

GOV.UK - Immigration Rules

If you feel this applies to you and your circumstance then below you will find several useful and important guides and advice support which will help you through the visa process.

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