At Robert Gordon University we issue the ‘visa letter’ or CAS statement as it is known AFTER the unconditional offer letter has been emailed to you.

If you meet your conditions early on in the academic year you will have to wait until we begin processing CAS statements.

We normally begin issuing CAS statements in JUNE for those who have a September course start date and then again in NOVEMBER for those you are due to start a course in January.

Please note:

  • The CAS statement is an electronic document.
  • A CAS number is only valid for use ONCE – if you are refused visa or your CAS number expires you would need to request a new CAS number
  • A CAS can only be issued 3 months before the official start of the course
  • A CAS number is only valid for 6 months. If it is not used within that 6 months it will be withdrawn.

The UKVI manages a Sponsor Management System for International Students coming to study in the UK. To apply for a student visa, students must have a "Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies", or "CAS".

Robert Gordon University will be required to issue a unique Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies reference number (CAS) to each student who has confirmed their acceptance of an unconditional offer. The CAS will replace the visa letter in the student visa application process.

It is no longer necessary for us to give you a hard copy of your offer letter for visa purposes, as we provide the UKVI with confirmation of your Unconditional Offer and payment of deposit and tuition fees directly to them through the Sponsors Management System. However, if you need a copy of your offer letters, you can still download these from your Apply Yourself record. We will also email you an extract from the CAS record we create for you with the UKVI so you can approve the details we have provided them with.

Further Information

How to get your CAS Flowchart 2017 (PDF 175KB)