Visa applicants in many countries are required to take a TB (tuberculosis) test before applying for their UK visa.

If you are coming to study for a period of 6 months or more you are required to obtain a certificate from an International Organisation for Migration (IOM) accredited clinic showing that they are free from infectious tuberculosis (TB).

The reason for this is that TB has been almost completely eradicated in the UK, however it is still common in some other countries. By asking people intending to come to the UK to be screened to see if they have the disease, it allows the UK government to monitor if people with this infection are coming into the country.

Please check if you require a certificate with the UKVI Country Finder and if the certificate is a requirement you can also obtain the details of clinics and fee in your country.

If it is not necessary for your visa, but you would still like to be screened for TB, this can be done for free through the National Health Service (NHS) once you arrive in the UK.

Further Information

TB Handout (PDF 351KB)