The Academic Regulations apply to all educational provision offered by the University bearing credit.

Student Forms

Applicant Forms

  • including Deferral Request Form, Coursework Extension Form, Academic Appeal Forms, Misconduct Appeal Form, Complaints Forms, and Suspension of Studies Request Form.

Completed forms should be submitted to Schools electronically using the School specific email addresses

Academic Regulations Session 2018-19

These Regulations will apply from the commencement of Session 2018-19

Academic Regulations Briefing Note Session 2018-19 (PDF 320KB)

Regulation A1: Courses 2018-19 (PDF 62KB)

Regulation A2: Admission 2018-19 (PDF 81KB)

Regulation A3-1 Academic Appeals 2018-19 (PDF 432KB)

Regulation A3-2 Student Misconduct Procedure 2018-19 (PDF 170KB)

Regulation A4 Assessment and Assessment Boards 2018-19 (PDF 104KB)

Regulation A5 External Examiners 2018-19 (PDF 48KB)

Regulation A6 Research Degrees 2018-19 (PDF 319KB)

Regulation A7 Higher Doctorates 2018-19 (PDF 39KB)

Regulation A8 Honorary Awards 2018-19 (PDF 55KB)



The Academic Regulations are available in different formats on request from

Academic Regulations from previous academic sessions can be provided on request from