Robert Gordon University has published a Laser Safety Policy and accompanying Laser Safety Procedure

Laser Safety Policy

The Robert Gordon University will, as part of its existing and/or future Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Policies ensure, so as far is reasonably practicable, that all employees, students, visitors, contractors and other persons are not put at risk from any activities under their direct control that involves the use of laser products. This will be achieved by ensuring that all laser activities and products meet as a minimum the latest legislative, UCEA/USHA and British Standard requirements, that safe working practices are simple, realistic, fully understood and implemented by users and have been subject to suitable and sufficient risk assessment techniques.

The University has appointed Public Health England as its Laser Protection Adviser (LPA).

For Schools or Departments that operate lasers at Class 3B or Class 4, there will be appointed in writing a Laser Safety Supervisor (LSS).

The LSS for a School or Department does not assume management responsibility for laser activities, this resides with the appropriate Head of School or Department.

The LSS for a School or Department does however have delegated management authority to restrict or stop any laser activity that does not comply with the safety management requirements.

Anyone wishing to purchase or use lasers on or off site shall ensure that the laser complies with the University's safety requirements and shall obtain proper approval from the LSS before purchasing and/or using the laser.

A risk assessment must be carried out and recorded for all Class 3B and Class 4 laser activities as required by the Control of Artificial Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010.

Laser Safety Procedure

Purchase and Use of Laser Devices

Purchase and use of fully enclosed and complete 'CE' marked Class 3B and Class 4 laser devices without experimental or research applications is controlled by Laser Chart 1

Any other Class 3B and Class 4 laser devices and those used for experimental or research purposes are controlled by Laser Chart 2

Laser Safety Management

Laser Safety Supervisor

The University has appointed Dr Radhakrishna Prabhu as its Laser Safety Supervisor. Within this role, Dr Prabhu has the following duties:

a) to provide guidance to the supervisor and laser user on laser safety management
b) to maintain and audit the Schools Laser Safety Management Programme
c) to liaise with the Laser Protection Adviser as necessary

Telephone: 01224 262252

Laser Protection Adviser

The University has appointed Public Health England as its Laser Protection Adviser.

Public Health England, CRCE, Radiation Protection Services, Oak Park Lane, Cookridge, Leeds, LS16 6RW

Telephone: 0113 2679041

Principal Contact: Dr Adam Lowe (email:
Backup Contact: Dr Nigel Cridland (email:

PHE is also responsible for delivery of the Radiation Protection Adviser contract to the University, which covers use of ionising radiation.

Laser Chart 1

Executive Laser Safety Management Flow Chart 1 - Class 3B or 4 Lasers, no research or experimental application

Laser Chart 1

Laser Chart 2

Executive Laser Safety Management Flow Chart 2 - Class 3B or Class 4 experimental or research applications


Laser Chart 2